Avoid These 6 Worst eCommerce Web Design Mistakes & Achieve Impeccable Website!

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What is an eCommerce Web Site? In simple words, it is your virtual shop that sells the products online.

Now, just imagine an offline store you wish to visit. You see that the shop is not illuminated; dirt and unwanted items are lying in the corner. Some pale salesperson is attending you with hardly any information about the required product. What is your first impression? You will try to find another offline store!

Similarly, your eCommerce website is your online (virtual) store. And, it should also be attractive, colorful, well designed, HD quality image display, and the list goes on! If your eCommerce website fails in any of these design aspects – prospective customers will leave your virtual store. The same way you left the offline store!


Here Is The List Of The 6 Worst eCommerce Web Design Mistakes You Can Make While Designing Your Website.


1. Design – No Uniformity, Planning, & Hierarchy:

Before finalizing any design, you should set concrete design rules for your online stores. This set of rules may include using the primary and secondary color combinations, fonts, and navigation elements. Remember, the uniform design will not only enhance the retention ratio but also influence the conversion rates as well! Design mismatch will never help in completing the sales.

2. Images – Improper Size, Low-Quality, & Irrelevant:

Going back to the offline stores, if you happen to see some old display items or inferior quality items, what will be your first reaction? Images in your eCommerce store are the display items of your online store. And, there should not be any comprise in the quality of the images. Inferior or blur images impact negatively, and the prospective customers will think twice before buying your product.

Irrespective of the type of eCommerce business, high-quality images play a vital role in inviting online visitors and converting them to prospective buyers. It is always recommended to upload HD quality product images that offer in-depth product peculiarities.

3. Information – Incorrect Contact Information & Misleading ‘About Us Page:

Even if your website design is perfect, but fails to provide accurate company information and contact details, prospective customers will not have confidence in your website. They will be dejected to purchase any product from your eCommerce website.

The “About Us” page should be consistent, avoid irrelevant data, and include a brief history of your company. It should also have the personal details of the promoters/directors along with their photographs and qualification (if required).

Also, all the contact details should be provided with the corporate address. A helpline number should be displayed, and if possible 24×7 ChatBot will also be helpful.

When customers know whom they are dealing with, the chances of conversion ratio becomes very high.

4. Using Scrolling Contents And Avoiding White Space

The prospective customers find it very difficult to locate the product they wish to purchase because of scrolling websites or flash content. If you plan to use these elements, then add a prompt confirming the number of times the prospective buyers should scroll down and locate what they are searching for within your website.

Sufficient white spaces should be used while designing your website and avoid that messy look. White spaces should act as the design separators that facilitate visitors’ navigation. Also, using too many white spaces will backfire and give a bland look to your eCommerce store.

5. Lack Of Trustworthiness & Non-Interactive Design

How do you gain the trustworthiness of the prospective visitors? Use various elements like Security Seals, Testimonials, & Privacy Policy Links. Not all, but try to include at least two of these elements. Before finalizing a purchase, the prospective buyer will always like to read the testimonials about the products and your eCommerce store.

It is implied that your eCommerce store should have a Customer-Friendly design. The nature of today’s customers is to browse quickly and decide on the product without wasting much time. Unappealing and irrelevant data will compel your prospective buyer to leave your eCommerce store.

6. Text – Improper Alignment & Many Pop-Ups:

One of the mistakes in designing your website is having inconsistent line breaks between each paragraph. The most appealing design is to have left-justified text with lucid language. If the prospective buyers find it easy to read the content, you have won the battle.

Earlier, due to a lack of design tools and interactive design pop-ups were used. Today, avoid using pop-ups unless it is relevant to the product search. Else it might act as a distraction to the website visitor. If the visitor hovers the mouse over the product and decides to click on the pop-up, it is acceptable.


If you want your eCommerce website should stand out in the virtual ocean of business competitors, avoid The 6 Worst eCommerce Web Design Mistakes You Can Make – mentioned above and create an impeccable website! The success of your eCommerce store mostly depends on how your website is designed.


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